What is Dysport?®

For a young and natural look, Dysport® is a prescription injection to smooth the appearance of frown lines without changing the look or movement of the rest of your face. As you age, your skin loses its elasticity causing unwanted creases and wrinkles to deepen and appear very prominent. Continue to express your feelings without any freezing in your face. Dysport® works to temporary relax the facial muscles and in turn softening deep lines and wrinkles.

Areas typical treated by Dysport® include:

-Frown lines in the forehead

-Crow’s feet at the corners of the eyes

-Lipstick lines around the mouth


-Excessive perspiration under the arms

Dysport® is made from the same neurotoxin (botulinum toxin type A) as Botox®. Patients who feel they have deep lines and creases that make then appear permanently angry, worried or stressed, will find Dysport® is the perfect solution for them. By relaxing the muscles, you will have a soft and younger looking appearance.

The Procedure

Dysport® weakens the muscles of facial expression which in turn decreases the tension that they place on the skin. This allows wrinkles to flatten out. Treatment for Dysport® is done here in our Kirkland clinic and generally takes 20 minutes. With this quick and easy procedure, you are able to book treatment into your busy schedule with zero recovery time! Dr. Partington will discuss with you the area and number of injections you will receive. There is no anesthesia required, but a topical anesthesia may be applied to reduce discomfort. Treatment is virtually painless and some results are seen immediately. Full results do take several days as the treatment actively works to relax your muscles. Results have been seen to last approximately one year. We have seen that it can last longer in patients that receive it consistently. Post procedure instructs you not to exercise for 24 hours.

The Recovery

There are no bandages or wounds, but patients are advised from rubbing or massaging of the area for 24 hours. Patients are advised to stay away from any vigorous physical activity, but may proceed to normal activities immediately. If you feel as though your side effects are bothersome, an ice pack may be applied for comfort. There is no down-time and any redness, swelling or bruising resides in a couple of days.

The Financing

Our office accepts a range of financing options including:

ALPHAEONCredit300 Dysport®
ALPHAEONCredit300 Dysport®
ALPHAEONCredit300 Dysport®
ALPHAEONCredit300 Dysport®

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