Dr. Windle Videos

Liposuction: Does the fat reappear?

A common question regarding liposuction is will the fat come back?

Tumescent liposuction vs. laser liposuction or SmartLipo

Tumescent liposuction gets the same results as laser liposuction and is safer since no thermal energy or heat is used that can result in burns.

Filler for Lower Eye Bag Treatment with Artefill

Lower eyelid bags can be improved without surgery using a long term dermal filler. Artefill is one of the best wrinkle fillers or dermal fillers.

Sun Screen for the Rainy Season? A Plastic Surgery Answer

Screen is necessary to block the sun’s harmful rays. We know that the damage the sun does makes you look older and has the potential to give you skin cancer, not to mention it will give you those ugly brown spots women and most men do not like.

Breast Augmentation with Gummy Bear Silicone Sientra Breast Implants and Rapid Recovery

Breast augmentation using textured Sientra gummy bear implants is featured in this testimonial. She was instructed to follow the rapid recovery technique in which she was back to most of her active life in just a couple of days after surgery.

Moisturizer Does Not Need to be Expensive to be Effective

As a plastic surgeon who deals with skin on a daily basis I am often asked about skin care products and as a result I constantly keep up with the literature on the subject. Moisturizer is a key part of any skin maintenance program but the expensive products suggest that their product is better than this cheaper brand.

Facelifts Last Your Life Time

Many say that a facelift lasts 10 years but this is really a short, easy answer to a complex question.

Botox For Wrinkles

Botox is for wrinkles of the face when used for cosmetic purposes. It will not improve the tone (color of your skin) nor will it improve the texture (roughness) of your skin.

Plastic Surgery and Continuing Medical Education

In Plastic Surgery and Cosmetic Medicine there are a lot of new advances almost on a weekly basis. In order to keep up continuing medical education (CME) is a must.

Does Laser Hair Removal Help With Acne?

Laser hair removal or BBL for hair removal can help acne in certain situations.

American Society of Plastic Surgery Procedural Statistics

The 2013 Plastic Surgery cosmetic procedural statistics were recently announced and here are the top 5 procedures.

Forever Young BBL (laser) Changes the DNA of Your Skin to Help Stay Looking Young

The medical literature suggests that laser light in the form of broadband light therapy (BBL) can actually improve your skin’s DNA and help to keep you looking young.

“Selfies” Increase the Number of Visits to Plastic Surgeons

The answer to this week’s question about whether or not the increased use and posting of selfies has lead to more visits to plastic surgeons seeking ways to look better in these photos is true.

Skin Excision Procedures Help Weight Loss Patients Keep Their Weight Down

A plastic surgery procedure such as a tummy tuck, facelift, thigh lift, or arm lift has been shown to help patients who have lost a lot of weight keep that weight off by helping to change the patient’s body image.

Satisfaction Ratings for Board Certified Physicians vs Non Certified Providers

The difference in patient satisfaction between a board certified plastic surgeon and a non-certified provider for cosmetic procedures is significant.

Artefill Facial Filler Before and After

Non surgical filler facial treatment for upper lip lines and marionette area or droopy mouth. Artefill can be an alternative to face lift surgery or fat grafting. Artefill lasts at least 5 years. Injections with a cannula, rather that a needle, help to be more precise and reduce after effects such as bruising.

Finger Lift or Face Lift

A finger lift is never quite as good as a face lift. There are many types of face lifts including thread or feather lifts, mini face lifts sometimes called limited or minimal incision facelifts (Quick Lift and LifeStyle Lift are branded names for these types of limited lifts) and full face lifts.

How to Get a Rapid Tummy Tuck Recovery

How to Get a Rapid Tummy Tuck or Abdominoplasty Recovery is a video about the rapid recovery protocol that Dr. Windle uses to get patients back doing things like out for a walk, out to dinner and even out shopping the NEXT day!

Breast Augmentation Recovery and Breast Implants Over the Muscle: A Patient’s Perspective

A breast augmentation patient with Sientra breast implants discusses her rapid breast augmentation recovery and how she was able to get back to her daily routine without any narcotics.

Breast Implant Revision: A Patient Experience

With her saline breast implants having ruptured for the second time in 15 years JE was tired of repeated operations but she did not like her flat, deflated breasts. She was ready to have the new gummy bear silicone gel filled breast implant.

Mommy Makeover Recovery Review

A mommy make over with a full tummy tuck and a breast augmentation recovery does not have to be an ordeal and can be done without drains and narcotics.

Non-Surgical Nose Job with Permanent Filler

Fillers can be used for the nose to correct many small imperfections of the nose. Some call this a non-surgical nose job. There is a permanent filler or permanent non surgical nose job filler called Bellafill.

Breast Reduction Recovery and Benefits Review

A patient describes her breast reduction surgery recovery 3 months after her surgery. She talks about how she did not need any narcotic pain medication and how she was back to work the next day.

Breast Augmentation Recovery Comparison

Victoria talks about her breast augmentation recovery experience and compares it to her sister’s experience. Her sister’s breast augmentation story was given a traditional post breast augmentation protocol in which patients are told not to lift or move much. They are also prescribed narcotics for the pain.

Tummy Tuck Recovery Review: Up the next Day and Off to Disney World Two Weeks Later!

Rapid Tummy Tuck Recovery does not have to be onerous. With the Rapid Recovery Tummy in which there is NO Drain and a special exercise routine that is followed right after surgery (starting at 4 hours) you can be up walking and doing things the next day.